Better not bet against bitcoin – Winklevosses to Dimon

Betting against Bitcoin? Go ahead and try it!

futures market and bitcoin
Are bitcoin futures viable?

Jamie Dimon CEO of JP Morgan and popular Venture Capitalists, the Winklevoss twins are on famously opposing sides of the same coin.

The Winklevii have challenged Dimon to bet against bitcoin if he thinks that it will not succeed.

“We encourage Jamie Dimon, we encourage him to personally bet against it, bitcoin, take J.P. Morgan’s balance sheet, bet against bitcoin. We’ll see what happens,” stated Winklevoss. – read more on

Source: Billionaire Investors Winklevoss Twins Dare JPMorgan CEO to Short BTC

Dimon has previously stated that buying bitcoin is Stupid

Jamie Dimon says if you’re ‘stupid’ enough to buy bitcoin, you’ll pay the price one day from CNBC


Whose side are you on? Personally, I wouldn’t bet against a Winklevoss.


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