Did Sierra Hash just Fly the Coop with the Cash?


Is SierraHash a scam site?

I intended to write a well-educated and poignant essay on the reasons why SierraHash may – or possibly might not have been a big huge scam.

Well, before I was ready to post my amazing opinionated findings…They disappeared.

Yep, the site went down

Photo by Alexas_fotos – pixabay CC

For several days now customers of a recently popular and suspected sham site Sierra Hash have found themselves unable to log in.

It has been a debate in the bitcoin scammers watch community as to whether or not Sierra was a legit Cloud Mining operation or just another quickly set up scheme to scam coin-hungry individuals, who are thirsty for quick wealth, out of invisible riches.

On first glance, Sierra looked legit. Their website was well put together and some customers even reported getting paid

So, has Sierra been hacked like NiceHash or have they absconded with the money their users contributed?

Here is what we know:



– you can click the links below but, the site is down, the Facebook pages all seem hacked or unmonitored






Sierra Hash Review – Suspicious Bitcoin Mining Operation!


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