Moon Bitcoin Cash

It has finally happened. A Bitcoin Cash Faucet that pays directly to


Moon bitcoin cash


On Jan 17, 2018, I saw a post on Facebook announcing the new faucet. I have been trying it out for a few days and it seems to be a typical Moon Faucet. There are ads covering the page and a claim now button hidden amongst the banners and text. Just scroll down until you see the button and stake your claim. You will need to solve a captcha to claim but the earnings will be deposited directly into a central online micro wallet called CoinPot. is the recently booming micro wallet service that processes payments for my favorite cryptocurrency faucets.


Moonbitcoin Cash
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Other faucets that also pay out to Coinpot

Bonus Bitcoin


Bonus Bitcoin Faucet Bitfun also offers fun, free games to keep you occupied while your coinpot fills up. You can also earn on their offer wall. Lots of fun at Bitfun




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