What are CoinPot tokens?



CoinPot is offering an exciting new reward system on their site.

CoinPot’s new token is generating a bit of excitement among daily users of the site, Users have been remarking on the new token since its release last month (March 28, 2018).  There was not much buzz online before the token’s debut. I received an email from Coinpot on the date of the release. Many users of the popular site logged on to find this new asset just sitting there. Some users seem overjoyed while others became slightly alarmed as their dashboard had changed. 

What is the token?

An asset awarded to loyal users of CoinPot and it’s supported faucets  in the form of digital points

How much is it worth?

It seems that the price is fixed by CoinPot and can be exchanged for any currency serviced by coinpot

What can I do with these tokens?

As mentioned, tokens can be traded for any coinpot supported currency. These include Litecoin, Doge, Dash, and Bitcoin. CoinPot recently introduced BCH support as well.

CoinPot offers a lottery in which tokens can be traded for a chance to win more tokens.


LOTTERY: We have created a new hourly lottery where you can win more CoinPot Tokens. The prizes given out each hour include all the tokens used to buy tickets plus an extra 1000 tokens donated by CoinPot to each round! – AND MORE! We are working on more ways for you to use your CoinPot Tokens in the future, including being able to exchange them for gifts/gift cards and more games like the lottery  – CoinPot

Is the Coinpot lottery lega?

How do I collect the tokens?

There are several ways that you can earn Coin Pot tokens.

Try the CoinPot and EoBot strategy for maximum erning fun

Every time you collect from any of the coinpot supported faucets, you will earn 3 CoinPot Tokens, and for each claim made by any of your referrals, you will earn 1 CoinPot Token. 

CoinPot faucets allow you to collect multiple times per day. With a little persistence and proper timing, you could rack up quite a few tokens in between lottery draws.


Click to claim Bonus Bitcoin
More claims equal more tokens – creative commons image

Faucets that payout to Coinpot 


Moon Bitcoin

Moon Dogecoin

Moon Litecoin

Moon BCH

Moon Dash

Bonus Bitcoin



You can mine CoinPot Tokens directly in your browser

CONVERT: You can convert any of the coins you already hold in your coinpot wallet to CoinPot Tokens and vice versa – the exchange rate will fluctuate similar to how it does with the other coins.

Source coinpot news 

What will you do with your CoinPot Tokens?





I personally love CoinPot and it’s faucets. I can’t wait to see how the new token lottery plays out.


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