Hey Man, Wanna buy some POT?

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You can buy Cannabis with Crypto and Invest in the legal Marijauna Industry with very little cash to start.

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Grow your own weed money. Pot Wallet, a banking system for the Cannabis Industry

We are ushering in a new era and crypto is leading the way.

I find it incredibly interesting how popular websites like Silk Road were shut down and financiers like E-gold were raided to avoid having drugs bought with untraceable funds but, personally, I would imagine that more cocaine has been bought with dollars out of a strippers thong than with E-gold or bitcoin.

E-gold, back in the day, was operated out of the city I was living in at the time so, I remember the raid. I also used the E-gold service and liked it. I didn’t make or lose any money from E-gold, I just liked the concept.

The government did not like it at all. They assumed that anonymous transactions would lead to nefarious actions. Which, of course, it did. A few bad apples got into the bin and spoiled the barrel for everyone. Then came bitcoin. A revolution in currency and value.

Fast forward a few years and now you can buy weed with Crypto.

It’s called POT coin and it’s a really cool concept.

put some weed in your wallet – get a pot wallet here.

You can invest in your future with Pot.

Being a POT head could be quite lucrative. It looks pretty promising from a layman’s point of view since the govs and the banks have been trying to keep mary jane’s money out of the mainstream since as far back as like the time of Jesus and I still see zig zags at the mini-mart.

I can foresee that weed is not going away so, therefore, Potcoin and the others too are likely here to stay.

But, should you invest?

What is PotCoin and what are the predictions for 2018?

I have a few measly coins that I have had for a while. They are not worth much now but, the price is predicted to double in the coming years and is not expected to dip anytime soon.

So, go on out and buy yourself some POT.

Or get on over to Github for the Source Code

You’ll thank me in 2020.

I think…

to be continued

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