What is 10xbitcoin ? – sounds a bit scammy but, I guess I’m down with Deep Profit Streams

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What is 10xbitcoin?

10xbitcoin is a forced matrix with PIF but, it promises to be much more.. Personally, I think it is like all of the best parts of the MLM underworld and the deep recesses of the cryptocurrency world have all come together. I just want to see how it goes.

The company is in pre-launch. Products offered will be advertising and cryptocurrency education. There is a plan in place to offer cloud mining as well as discount ICOs and a branded crypto coin in the future. The launch has been a bit slow due to regulatory changes in the Cryptocurrency market. 10xbitcoin admins have been very busy making sure that they are 100% compliant.

Update: jan 2018 Considering that USI-Tech has recently ceased operating in the US, it is very good that the launch was postponed to maintain compliance.


Welcome to 10xBitCoin Member Home
my 10xbitcoin dashboard nov. 2017


The screenshot above shows my earnings in the program thus far. The minimum withdrawal is $20 paid out to Payza.com or Bitcoin.

Granted, I have not attempted to officially cash out and I did invest $5 to start out at the bronze level and then another $20 to increase my position into this program. I have almost broken even. I  received these payments into my e-wallet on their site as an early start incentive for investing in an unknown matrix. I currently have two referrals in my 1st position. I have to be honest when I say that I was very hesitant to join but, a friend asked me to try it out so, here I am.

First, I need to be very careful and clear here so, please let me say that I do not usually invest in Ponzi Schemes or Matrices that appear like Ponzis. If you believe that all Matrix programs are Ponzis. then 10xbitcoin is definitely not for you. This Matrix does have the potential for longevity however, it is important to mention that Matrix programs are only profitable to those who get in early and they do not pay out forever. The only way the plan can survive is if a stellar product is offered. We are still waiting for the amazing product launch before we determine that the plan is just a plain ponzi.


“As a direct result and benefit of our parent company Deep Profit Streams, and their rapidly and exponentially growing worldwide internal and external network reach, these services will provide tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions of viewers and clicks to hungry online and bricks & mortar businesses, thereby generating repetitive, increasing, and sustainable revenue streams and profits to customers & Affiliate Members WITHOUT the government and longevity risks of revshare companies.” 10xbitcoin

Join 10Xbitcoin

Join 10xbitcoin

So, What is 10xbitcoin all about?

10xbitcoin is a company forced matrix with spillover with great future potential and possible high risk.

Who is running the site?

Deep Profit Streams, a company that went under in 2016 due to SEC regulations regarding revenue sharing. When Traffic Monsoon was under fire, Deep Profit Streams decided to shut down and revamp.

Does anyone ever get paid for these things?

Truthfully yes and no. Investing in anything is risky. Most of these programs pay out until the recruiting well runs dry and the system can no longer manage to run at the promised level. If you do not make at least one or two referrals yourself, you will not make it to a payout level.

If you are going to play in this type of market, you have to be prepared to have your initial investment tied up for a length of time. This timeframe depends on you and your team (downline, matrix positions)

A matrix is doomed to fail if there is no product to drive recruits and to make the recruiting legal.

“Based on its ties to Traffic Monsoon and Deep Profit Streams, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that 10xBitcoin is just another pyramid scheme that’s using bitcoin in favor of a fiat currency (like what was happening with Traffic Monsoon).” Nick Pratt

What are they selling at 10xbitcoin?

So far, the product is not readily available but, the company will feature a  cutting-edge advertising platform for your business. The set up is very similar to revenue sharing.

What makes !0xbitcoin seem more legit is that they have a pay it forward plan that is expected to help keep the matrix going for much longer.

Once the advertising and educational products are launched, we will see if the company can maintain for any length of time.

Future plans to launch their own crypto, as well as a planned cloud mining operation, indicate that 10xbitcoin could come out on top. But, I am not hodling my breath on that one.

Hey man, bitcoin used to be worth less than a ripple is now so, crazy things do happen in this game. I follow Unicorngirl on Youtube, she is also in on this 10xbitcoin experiment

Check it out for yourself @ https://10xbitcoin.com

I will keep you posted on my progress and the fate of my $25 in birthday money.

There are still plenty of people saying that this program will fail but, I still think it’s worth a shot


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