My favorite Crypto Faucets Bitcoin and Alt coins

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What is a faucet?

A bitcoin faucet is A website that pays you a small amount of your desired coin in exchange for either using your machine to mine in the background, showing you ads or having you complete small tasks.

Beware- most faucet sights are connected to a coin miner that runs in the background of their site and may pull power from the faucet users device.

Get CoinHive Monero Miner for WordPress

When you arrive at a faucet that is running a miner your antivirus may alert you to coinhive, jsminer,or a similar service.


Screenshot – CoinHive blocked


The coin miners are not inherently bad. I feel that with disclosure, it is fine to use them. Just be aware that hackers and scammers do exist and will mimic a good service. I like and use the JSEcoin platform. If problems arise I will edit my opinion.

Get NOCoin – Miner Block

You can accept these and allow the site to mine using a small amount of power from your machine or you can install a miner blocker to prevent any attempts.

An unknown attacker has hijacked Coinhive’s DNS server and replaced the legitimate Coinhive JavaScript in-browser miner with a malicious version that mined Monero for the hacker’s own wallet.

According to a Coinhive spokesperson, the incident took place yesterday, October 23, at around 22:00 GMT, and was discovered and resolved a day later. – learn more on Bleeping Computer

However, if you install an ad blocker, you will not be paid by these faucets as they pay you from their excess ad revenue as well as revenue from mining. Ad revenue is usually much higher than mining revenue for these sites. They can’t pay put if you aren’t viewing the ads that they are paid to show.

Faucets will not make you rich. They are a fun way to obtain small amounts of cryptocurrency in order to learn how the system works.

Try it out with one of these COIN FAUCETS

These are the Faucets that I use daily to earn small bits of crypto/alt coins and residuals

Bonus Bitcoin


Bonus Bitcoin pays out to coinpot you can claim up to 5,000 satoshis every 15 minutes (current average is 42 Satoshi).

Simply complete the captcha and then click on the Claim now button – If your claim is successful, you will see this message

14 37 Bonus Bitcoin free bitcoin faucet

Moon Faucets 

all moon faucets payout instantly to CoinPot

200x200 (1)

Doge – Moon Doge

Dash – Moon Dash 

Bitcoin – Moon Bitcoin

Lite – Moon LiteCoin


 Bitfun is a Coinpot faucet and a gaming site- claim every three minutes

You can also mine Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash and Bitcoin Cash on CoinPot, by using the power of your device.


Payouts are every five minutes, so you can rack up a nice little chunk.

From your CoinPot dashboard, choose a currency, select the mining option and start earning.

Non – CoinPot Faucets

I prefer the coinpot faucets because they are simple however, I do use a few others as well.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet


This seems to be everyone’s favorite faucet to claim from and also to try and hack. It is because of the profitable hi/lo game and the lucrative referral plan. Since everything in the world is controlled by math, some savvy players have begun looking for cheats and loopholes. Check out youtube for videos on how to run a script or rig the dice roll or auto bet with a plan you will see that there are many. because they know that this site pays

You can also earn interest on your holdings on their site. I do recommend the URL mining option to earn a few extra Satoshi

Claim free bitcoin from now


Pretty much the same as but for doge. Roll Dice, click captcha and play the “provably fair” hi/lo game

Free Doge Coin

Multi coin faucet   –

WeThinkTheBest Litecoin

Faucet allows you to claim up to 10000 litoshis every 30 minutes! maximum of 24 claims per day. The minimum withdrawal is 500000 litoshis.

Get LiteCoin



I signed up on Nov 24, 2017. I have earned some faucet drips already – Earn multiple cryptocurrencies at once

Free Bitcoins free Litecoins free Feathercoins

Free Bitcoins every 24 hours.

Keep your Crypto safe
Bitcoin Storage Wallet


FaucetHub is a “gagglefunk” of ads and user-created faucets.

It also is a huge multi-coin wallet, a gaming site, and a chat room.

FaucetHub is a huge site with a lot of offers and surveys that pay in Crypto.

Use at your own risk.

Because Faucet Hub is huge, there are more scammers lurking.

You can earn a substantial payout from their site if you spend time visiting all of the faucets.

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Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

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