10 ways to Mine Bitcoin on your own device in 2018

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Works on any device – perfect for beginners

get your free bitco.in
FREE bitcoin faucet with rewards


This wallet pays you to use it and is very popular. One of the first bitcoin savings accounts.  The longer you wait to cash out your faucet earnings, the more interest you can earn. Get free satoshi every hour earn more with background browser mining and wager satoshi playing a hi/lo game

I like this site for the fun factor and it’s free

Get free bitco.in
My bitco.in dashboard showing some small faucet earnings

Before attempting to mine any currency, please thoroughly check out the program or software you are using first.

Due Diligence is your main responsibility.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Mine Using a PC or Laptop – yes you can – slowly but, you can earn from just your CPU or GPU

NiceHash Miner

update: nicehash is back


Many people love Nice Hash and have been earning from the site regularly

Right now they are having an issue after having been hacked in Dec 2017.

It remains to be seen whether or not this was an inside job, a simple theft or a set up to prove the volatile nature of cryptocurrency.

The company is working diligently to get back online

NiceHash offers a pool that you can earn from by using your own mining equipment as well as cloud mining contracts.

The #nicehack does serve as a warning to coin collectors and traders.




Computta – Software Download

Seems great so far. Good for beginners. Free software. Uses a Smart Miner to determine which currency is most profitable. Install on your PC and start mining.


An easy way to mine from your browser.

Coinpot is a wallet, browser miner, and faucet host



Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet


Mining pool and Wallet site with lots of extras and a simple daily faucet – long-running site

See the miners here

 Get an Eobot account for free and start earning

Mining Pool Hub

https://miningpoolhub.com/ – sign up on site

Download a mining helper like Awesome Miner or the MultiPool Miner Helper by Aaron Sace on GitHub

MPMiner – GitHub

Awesome Miner


Set it and Let it go

Hashing 24 – Does not service US customers –

BetterHash     software download

WinMiner – Mining platform is hashed out at the moment but, be patient, they are growing quickly. This is a good sign. Some dishonest mining operations may rent space that they do not have. Being honest about the load that your site and equipment can handle is very responsible. Wait until the site stabilizes before testing it out.


on PC or Cellphone – you can use multiple devices



Read Here – Is SierraHash a scam?

Be careful of scam sites like Sierrahash  – 

Cloud Mining










Genesis Mining


Fflak mining – get 100 GHz to try it out  – free signup – upgrade hash power using crypto only


If you are really old school, try this!

JSE Coin is a new cryptocurrency for webmasters – Start Mining now for free right from your browser



Get a Ledger Nano wallet here – keep your currency safer


beware powerful matrix
50 cents into wealth

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