JSE Coin Mining – What is the point?

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JSE pre-ico ended Dec 4, 2017


1 JSE Coin = $1 USD at the pre-ico sales price.

Buy in for $100 USD



Mine from your browser or from your own website


JSECoin is a new cryptocurrency that will most likely emerge as a favorite by mid-2018. You can mine JSE starting now from your browser. No special equipment necessary. The Algorithm is JavaScript Enabled so it is a greener way to mine. JSE is an innovative coin but, it is more than that.

Imagine you open up the website that doesn’t swamp you with all the ads. That is exactly what JSE is offering, additional earnings for website owner and less adverts spam for a user. Medium.com

It is also a revolutionary new way for webmasters to earn revenue. The crypto world is filled with shady looking ad-riddled sites with complicated double Captchas.

Those shady looking old school sites were necessary before but with JSE website mining, a webmaster can run a low impact mining operation on their own website without causing themselves or the website’s visitors any issues or slowdown. Similar to coinhive miner but less power hungry and less likely to become an infection.

Unlike the slow load times and horrible download rates from Pirate Bay and other older sites who were running the CoinHive Script, JSE plans to be a gentler approach with much more transparency.

The dashboard and mining platform are extremely simple to navigate. No annoying ads. Nothing to set up. No coding.

Simply connect to the site interface and start mining. Then you navigate from another window to any other site as you like, mining takes place in the background without disrupting your navigation.

Unlike any mining solution involving intensive calculations with increasingly powerful hardware, here the miner runs under JAVA inside the browser and consumes very little ! – NetBusiness Rating



 What is JSE Coin? Learn More

No cashouts will be available until after the beginning of 2018 when the coin officially begins trading

Register now – and start mining

I have tested JSE mining and found it to be stable and simple to use on all of my devices. I mined approximately 1/2 jse coin (0.455 JSE) in 5 days mining very passively using very little processor speed.

The script is running in the background of my about me page on this site. That page sees no traffic so I really don’t see any earnings from that but, as a test, I can say that it does work properly.

As of this writing, I have not incorporated the script into every page on this site but, as time progresses, I may give it a test.



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