Bitcoin and the Mandela Effect- now there are CryptoKitties – What world is this?

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Scroll down to see the part about the adorable kitty game.

If you don’t know what the Mandela Effect is, I suggest you do a quick Google search and come back here with your mind blown wide open, fully “woke” and ready to consider a few woo woo ideas.

I realize that I have just lost any credibility that I may have had (lol, no subscribers) but, the whole purpose of creating this site was to give myself a way to process the exponential growth of bitcoin and watch the changes as a fringe member of the community,

Having said that, I am a pretty level-headed and rational adult human. I am a regular, basic person. But, I clearly remember the Berenstein Bears, the Stains are imposters to me.

So, getting to the Mandela part, I personally incorrectly remember having a bitcoin connection back in 2004ish. I have recently figured out that I am confusing bitcoin and bitgold. So, bitcoin has me reevaluating time and more importantly what really matters. I mean what is matter anyway? Does matter even matter? I ponder these things. I am happy to report that IDK


I also apparently do not recall events perfectly. I would swear to those bears. It was an e!

Read – my story to learn more about me and my fallible memory.

Bitcoin crashed right?

Like, it was pretty much dead in the water in 2011. But, here we are again.

This rise in bitcoin price recently has me feeling like I have taken a hard fork in reality.

There was once a time when you could argue bitcoin, a politically neutral internet currency, wouldn’t “work”. That time has long past. –

It genuinely feels to some people like a butterfly effect. Like someone traveled in time and made bitcoin a thing again.

We are pretty certain that it definitely wasn’t Nick Szabo who time traveled and he definitely is not Satoshi.  Satoshi isn’t a metaphor for an invisible creator and the blockchain is not the matrix.

Just so we have that cleared up…The coins aren’t any more real than anything in our reality. Everything has a perceived value. It’s all perception.

Is Satoshi even real? I mean c’mon- Nick Szabo is probably many people but, even he may not be Nakamoto.

 I hope we continue experimenting with pure anonymity for a while longer, as well 
as experimenting with reputation-based pseudonymous systems.  Some of 
what comes out might look very strange, something like tapping into 
previously concealed areas of our social psyche.  I suspect the
result will be a more honest dialog, a more productive conversation
freed from posturing and, ironically, from the concealment of threatening 
truth.  I hope we will observe the resulting new forms of good and evil
with Zen patience and allow this quite interesting experiment to 

Nick Szabo


What freaking reality is this?


This is crazier than the Mandela Effect and the fact the Bitcoin bounced back.

It is Schrodinger’s Coin and right now this CryptoKitty thing is everyone’s cat’s meow.


Have you seen the CryptoKitties? of course you have, they are everywhere.

These kitties actually validate cryptocurrency to an extent.

People are paying huge sums of real money to buy Ether to power a cat breeding operation. There are whole portfolio of internet pets. The pets have value attached and increase as desire for their traits increases.

The value of gold today is almost entirely based on its monetary value rather than mere aesthetic value. There are plenty of metals that are as shiny and smooth as gold, but people don’t demand them as a store of value or medium of exchange because they are common. There are plenty of rocks that look as good as diamonds, but “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” because they are hard to obtain and thus hold their value. Value comes to attach to the unique aesthetic features of gold or diamonds because these features signal scarcity. The value of precious metals or gems as stores of value, media of exchange, or even as cultural icons does not come from these aesthetic features, it is only signalled by them. It is their secure scarcity, not their aesthetic features, that allows them to be more securely used as a store of value and thus gives them a monetary value, and often a corresponding emotional and cultural value, far above the often trivial value they would have if they had the same aesthetics but were common. Nick Szabo (2008)

It is no secret that the internet loves cats and cryptocurrency. The two were sure to meet but, the latest craze has people buying cartoon cats to breed. It’s awesome, I’m not playing along though, I am incredibly intrigued.

Has the World gone mad



It is a great idea to gamify they blockchain, it makes it seem like something is happening rather than just a bunch of people using up electricity to mine invisible money that may or may not hold any value.

I think I will pass on the cute kitties though, I think the excitement is going to die down faster than cats breed. I am not saying that you shouldn’t. I think people will earn a profit from their kittehs. I didn’t collect beanie babies either, it’s just not my thing.

The online feline was the creation of CryptoKitties, a new game that lets people breed, buy and sell cartoon kittens using the crypto-currency ether. Since it was launched 12 days ago, people have spent more than $11m on 70,000 fake cats, according to the website CryptoKitty Sales. the

I think these cats are so stupid that they are genius. Like a pet rock.

But, what do I know? Do you play this game? Is it worth the trouble, time and cost? Is the kitty Ethereum’s newest of 9 lives?

The title might be click-baity (it is) but the fact is CryptoKitties is a revolutionary application disguised as a cutesy game. –

What I find really cool is that the old idea of Smart Contracts has made it fully into the mainstream in a way that only the internet can provide.


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