Looking for open-minded people to participate in a Basic Income Experiment – PAID DAILY !!

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Would you like to be paid to participate in a very important social experiment?

You can help change the future outcome by participating in a very important basic income “free money” experiment.

You will receive 100 units of virtual currency per day that can currently only be spent on the site.

You can redeem the coins for digital products offered by other members.

You can earn more by offering your own product in the market.

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What is Universal Basic Income?

Each member of the society would be given a set amount of spending credits each day. This is a specified amount that would be equivalent to the daily cost of living


Help revolutionize salary throughout the world.


Why would we want to create a Universal Income?

To level the playing field and avoid hunger and homelessness by ensuring that basic needs are met

A test to help settle the debate, or figure if it’s even worth having. A test group of 2,000 unemployed Finns receive 560 euros each month from the government. No strings attached. For unemployed researcher Sanna Leskinen, that meant being able to apply for part time jobs and plan for the future. Avery Trufelman went to Finland to see how the experiment was working. – NPR


Create change in the financial industry

Where would the money come from?

In the case of the swift experiment, it is just assigned as a digital point system. Points can be traded peer to peer in exchange for digital items.

Swift Marketplace

What are the possible pitfalls?

Human behavior and free will, to be honest. From my perspective, it seems that if a person has a poverty mentality then they will remain impoverished even if given large sums of money. But, having a level starting point may change the outcome significantly.


“I don’t want to be too negative, but this seems very meaningless.”


Isn’t this just a meaningless social experiment?

Well, sort of. Right now, the SwiftDemand experiment is very new but, we are excited to see how it goes. It could pave the way to a better future for everyone.

Bitcoin is a good example of how high perceived value of a digital currency can go, although, growth of the value of the currency is not the ultimate goal.

It is meanigless but it wouldnt be hard to add some value to these “coins”. For example, I can offer that one hour of my time as automation consultant is from today worth 100swifts. All you need is enough people to trust the system and it becomes real currency. after all money is just a way to allow people to trade their time or products without having to barter. –ycombinator.com

Get in on the hottest basic income experiment.

Are there other basic Income Experiments?

Yes, Aside from the SwiftDemand Experiment, there are other experiments being carried out across the globe.

To test out the idea, Tubbs is planning to launch an experiment he’s calling the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED). When the project kicks off next year, it will be the first trial for universal basic income in the U.S. to receive government support.- Weforum.org – read more






What We Can Learn From Finland’s Basic Income Experiment



Here is what’s happening with universal basic income experiments



swift basic income
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Sources: “Swift Demand” that you can experience virtual what happens every month with “Basic income” everyone receives money monthly – GIGAZINE

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