Why I am backing JSECoin all the way.

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JSECoin is a new CryptoCurrency. It can be mined by anyone. Any webmaster can earn JSE.

Please accept that some of this is purely my opinion as a fan of JSEcoin and I hope that you will make your own educated decision about any and everything in your life.

JSECoin gives me a really good feeling.The platform has become a recent favorite for me. It reminds me of the early days of Bitcoin when we were mining for the idea of it, not the end result. I was a beta tester and bored stay at home mom back then. When I heard that I could test a program that would allow the future me to receive my eBay/AuctionWeb payments more quickly, I was stoked!


If anyone reading this is in my age demographic and was an E-bay starred power seller back in the day when it all started, you would understand how big of an idea Bitcoin was going to be. It sucked waiting for checks and money orders to come in the mail before I could ship an item. I needed an instant transaction and even when Paypal and eBay joined, I still had bounced e-checks to deal with. If you know your internet history, you will recognize the struggle that it took to bring Cryptocurrency to life and to merge it with quick and painless online sales.

We have come a long way bae.

I was not very well educated about the blockchain or Bitcoin at all when I started mining. In fact, I didn’t even call it mining. I just downloaded a program and let it run in the background until I got sidetracked by the next shiny thing and stopped paying attention to bitcoin. I was excited by the idea of quick and anonymous transactions but, the idea didn’t catch on very quickly. I gave up on Bitcoin way before there were any bitcoin forks and before I knew that there is no spoon and forking can change everything.

When the JSECoin was introduced, I got that feeling that I had way back when I mined my first bitcoin. Blocks were solved much more quickly back then and it was fun to check to see how many I had solved. There were thousands when I gave it up. If you have read my personal story, you know that I mined all of those Original Bitcoins and then lost track of the hard drive that they were stored and mined on. I have come to accept that I could have been quite wealthy had I just kept up with a password. Meh-

I get that warm fuzzy feeling of change when I think of the new JSE platform. Right now I can agree with some that it looks like a boring site that mines a useless coin by running a script in the background but, it aims to be so much more than that. I imagine it as looking at the frame of a mansion before it has been fully built out.


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What’s a JSE and why should I care?

It seems that there is an interesting new cryptocurrency called JSEcoin that is targeted at offering webmasters a different way to monetizing their website traffic. Essentially allowing visitors to the website to mine the cryptocurrency with the help of small piece of javascript code embedded on the blog or website. The algorithm is not very heavy or demanding and the mining process itself does not seem to be taking too much CPU resources (it is CPU only), so the computer remains responsive and working just fine as if it is not calculating anything. This is making it pretty interesting for owners of big websites with more visitors, especially visitors that stay longer, but also makes it easy for regular users that are not yet into cryptocurrencies to actually get into mining this new cryptocoin as it only requires you to open a website and not do a lot of complicated stuff. – Crypto – Mining Blog 

JSE is currently being mined by almost 50,000 users and is installed on over 9000 websites and blogs. It is a revolutionary new cryptocurrency that solves several problems that seriously needed to be addressed.


Problems We Are Trying To Solve

1. Bitcoin consumes more electricity than Cuba

2. Webmasters want new ways to monetize their sites

3. Cryptocurrency shouldn’t be so complicated

Learn more at – JSECoin.com

Learn more – Watch Here https://youtu.be/UgoYhUPgqlY


What does the future look like for the platform?

Cryptocurrencies create value through trust. Investors and consumers exchange fiat money
(i.e.USD/EUR) for cryptocurrencies on the understanding that the team behind it will operate in
their best interests. Trust can be increased by publishing public accounts, open-sourcing code,
maintaining ethical business practices.
Trust is essential and will be proportional to the operating transparency. – read more on the original JSE WhitePaper

The ICO funding round ended in December 2017. Announcements are scheduled soon for the next phases of implementation and adoption.

Our primary ambition and end goal is to create a cryptocurrency that is adopted globally by a mainstream audience. Our best chance of getting to that stage is to produce a platform that is focused on the needs of webmasters and accessible to everyone.

We intend to release merchant tools that will allow webmasters to use JSEcoin for taking digital payments via their websites. 

  • Shopping carts
  • Pay buttons
  • SaaS subscriptions
  • Digital downloads
  • Digital marketing
  • Software sales
  • Website membership subscriptions

Anything purchased through a website should be available to pay with cryptocurrency – JSEcoin could lead the way in making this possible and simple for webmasters.

With webmasters on board, it will be easier to convince the mainstream audiences to the benefits of digital currency over traditional fiat currency. If a consumer can easily purchase and use a cryptocurrency, then many will see the deflationary appeal as a big incentive over inflationary local currency. – Learn more – read the ANN @ https://bitcointalk.org/

What is a JSE worth?

The perceived value of a JSE coin is 1 USD however, trading has not commenced and as of right now there is no real-world value. The Pre-ICO round ended December 4 2017 .

ICO is TBA in early 2018. Value will be re-assessed at that time


Is JSE safe?

JSe has recently been whitelisted by BitDefender so, it is slowly being accepted by the major ad blockers and malware blockers as a legitimate and safe application. Being less than 200 days old, the system is still gaining popularity and trust will come with time.


In November we have arranged for penetration security testing and also have a bug bounty program in place. The code base will be open-sourced prior to ICO once thorough security checks and code reviews are completed.

The platform is in beta and technical specifications and details are changing on a weekly basis. Please check our blog for the latest updates. – Read JSECoin blog


Can I mine from my laptop or cell phone?

Yes, I have tested the platform on two different phones and on a laptop. I set the JSE platform miner to run in the background  while I was using my little laptop to listen to a youtube video ,simultaneously I scanned facebook and googled several things. I faced no issues and did accrue one JSE during that days experiment. You can increase or decrease your hashpower by clicking on the setting button on the left hand side of the JSE platform.

Please keep in mind that each user can only mine from one device at a time.

Where can I find out more?

JSECoin.com – Learn More


jsecoin.com blog


Want to Start Mining Right Now?

Here ya go, just sign up and click start mining to get your first JSECoin. Be the future – Now.


What are your thoughts on the JSECoin mining platform and future growth?

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