How to earn Free Cryptos

Learn How to Use CoinPot and Crypto Faucets to earn Free Currencies

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Receive BTC payouts directly to Coinpot 

Quick Links to all official Coinpot faucets As of July 2019

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What is CoinPot

CoinPot is a cryptocurrency micro wallet. It is a holding place for your faucet and mining earnings. You can mine coins directly from the Coinpot dashboard by selecting the Mine option from the dropdown menu below your coin of choice. 

Coinpot currently supports 5 currencies

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Doge, and Litecoin

You can also earn Coinpot tokens for your transactions. You will receive these bonus Coinpot tokens for each of your faucet claims and referrals  Use them to play the lottery and multiplier to increase your earnings.


Coinpot tokens can be converted into any currency that the Coinpot system supports. Withdrawals can be made to your personal hardware or cold storage wallet or Faucet Hub. Bitcoin claims can also cash out to FaucetFly or Mellow Ads



There are several ways that you can increase your CoinPot Tokens balance...

  • FAUCETS: Use any of our supported faucets - for each individual faucet claim you will earn 3 CoinPot Tokens, and for each claim made by any of your referrals you will earn 1 CoinPot Token.
  • MINING: You can mine CoinPot Tokens in exactly the same way that you can mine any of our other coins directly in your browser
  • CONVERT: You can use our usual conversion system to convert from your other coins to CoinPot Tokens - the exchange rate will fluctuate similar to how it does with the other coins.

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What is a faucet?

In order to facilitate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin into the mainstream, some blockchain enthusiasts have created ad-driven websites that allow you to collect a small reward for letting them show you their products and services 

Use Coinpot faucets to earn small amounts of crypto like Bitcoin or Doge.

What is Bitcoin? 

Click here to read an article that explains Bitcoin in a way that even Grandparents can understand 

Buy Bitcoin

It isn't just Bitcoin, there are also many very promising altcoins to look out for. The most interesting part of the crypto-verse is the blockchain technology and the Decentralized apps that the system is built on and backed by - Why is Bitcoin so Important? 



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Learn more about bitcoin and altcoin pricing here


Miner Gate - #1 easy passive miner for beginners

Which Faucets Pay-Out to Coinpot?

There are currently 7 amazing Crypto Faucets that use Coinpot as a depository.

Four Altcoin faucets MoonBCH MoonDoge MoonDash MoonLite

Three bitcoin faucets MoonBit - Bonus Bitcoin - Bitfun

The most popular faucet site is, of course, the traditional bitcoin faucet 

Moon Bitcoin Faucet

Moon Bitcoin Pays out in Satoshi. You can claim once every five minutes from the faucet. You can earn more by mico mining using your devices hashpower. There is also an offer wall with multiple ways to earn more Bitcoin. Each offer pays around 4000 - 5000 Satoshi 

Moon Bitcoin cash faucet

Moon BCH faucet pays out every five minutes. You must click claim now and fill in the Captcha to receive your coins.  

 Moon Doge Faucet Earn Doge Free 5 minute claims

 Moon DogeCoin pays Doge every 5 minutes and has a loyalty rewards system that awards even more Doge when you claim more often.

moon litecoin faucet

 Moon Litecoin allows claims every five minutes and offers a lucrative referral program

Get free bitcoin every 15 minutes at bonus bitcoin

Earn some Bonus Bitcoin through faucet claims every 15 minutes, referral commission, dice winnings, and survey/offer earnings.

Earn Bitcoin for playing free games.

Play games and collect bitcoin

moon dash faucet

Moon Dash allows claims as often as every five minutes and also has an offer wall to help you earn more

How Many Coins Can A Coin Collector Collect From CoinPot Claims?

The reward rates vary depending on how often you claim 

The table below shows the claim rates from the MoonDash faucet at 2019-06-26 07:04:31 (UTC).

Time between claims Payout
5 minutes  0.00000061
10 minutes  0.00000110
15 minutes  0.00000147
30 minutes  0.00000225
1 hour  0.00000323
4 hours  0.00000575
1 day  0.00001011
4 days  0.00001433
1 week  0.00001625
4 weeks  0.00002150


These claim rates are adjusted automatically as needed depending on a number of factors (including the current Dash/USD exchange rate and revenue received from adverts/donations). via moondash admin at time of screenshot

How to Cash Out 

You will need a Crypto wallet to send your withdrawn currency to. If you prefer, you can cash out to or a FaucetHub account 

I personally like the Exodus Wallet but I would actually recommend a permanent storage device for your earnings


If you do not have a wallet, you can download a multi-currency mobile App called Abra to store your coins in Get your own Abra Wallet and start making magic 


Coinpot withdrawals take 48 hours to process and will require you to authorize the transaction via the email address that you used to create your account 


What is Faucet Hub 

"We provide you the option to earn bitcoinfree bitcoin, through the websites listed on our sites page. If you were wondering how to get free bitcoin, this is the place. You can even play our bitcoin games and earn bitcoin. Make sure you don't miss our free bitcoin mining feature through your browser, where you can earn bitcoin and other altcoins, directly to your FaucetHub wallet." The Faucet Hub Team 


Why are there so many currencies?



Each cryptocurrency or altcoin was created for a different purpose. Bitcoin has been in use for the longest time so, it is considered to be the industry leader. The spendable value of other coins is leveraged against the price of bitcoin, It can be equated to gift cards. Some gift cards are store specific and some are more like a credit card that can be used anywhere

Read Allan Ewart's answer to Why are there so many Altcoins? What is the purpose? on Quora

Read We the Cryptos view  by clicking here

Learn More here

Read Here

See the Coinpot miner in action below 

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