You Probably Have Parasites - True Story, My Story

It is theorized that almost all humans have some form of parasites in the gut

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Whatever ailment you have, it is possibly caused by some miniscule parasite inside of your body. They take up residence in your body, just wreaking havoc on a microscopic level. Your body becomes more toxic until it manifests into all sorts of illnesses.

I know for sure, first hand, how much these little guys can mess up your life. 

I have suffered in the past with a plethora of Symptoms that my doctors called Lupus, Fibromyalgia and other words that just meant- messed up in the gut and in the head. I am not telling you that all of your problems are just worms and that you will be miraculously healed. I can say that cleansing is what has been working the best for me. I had been feeling particularly unpleasant for the last year,

I was living in Texas during Hurricane Harvey. We had over a foot of water in the house during the flood and were forced to evacuate. We were fortunate to be on higher ground than most other homes in the neighboehood so, our house was a soggy mess when we returned but, not a total loss. After the storm, we began clean up and renovation.I continued to become more lethargic and allergic.It got to the point where I would hardly have the energy to even lave the house. I began having more bowel trouble and the area beneath my rib cage (liver / gall bladder) became a hard tight knot that caused pain when I ate. I stopped eating more than once per day. Normally a person would see a doctor with these symptoms but, I suffer from so many allergies and sensitivites that a trip to the doctor is more unpleasant than it should be, I am sensitive to CFL lights and feel faint after prolonged (15-20 min) sun exposure. I am allergic to latex, petroleum based products, most antibiotics, the capsules on some medications, milk,fluoride, soap (Sodium Sulfates), nitrites in lunch meat, red food coloring, perfume, and a bunch of other random stuff. 

I am on this cleansing and healing journey so that I can reclaim my life but, since it is working for me, I couldn't wait to share my success with someone, 

I have also decided to move out of the house and  into a small off grid camper. I will complete my healing journey on the road and keep people posted as I find things that work and things that suck.

I can say that the things that I am using to heal myself are changing and removing symptoms daily, These are the symptoms that used to plague me and take away from my quality of life. 

These are the exact products that I used  and what I am still doing

I changed my diet 

I eat an 80/20 diet which means that 80% of my food is Vegan the other 20% is made up of Non-Vegan stuff like butter, cheese and sometimes, even bacon cheeseburgers. 

I have started eating cayenne pepper on all of my cooked foods. I added Turmeric, Coconut Oil and Nutritional Yeast to anything that I could tolerate it on. I cut out meat, dairy, and sugar as much as possible.

I started juicing, 

I bought a Juicer for my birthday. I searched Amazon Reviews for weeks before deciding on the one that I liked most. 

I bought these cute little bottles with neoprene sleeves too. 


screenshot of my amazon purchases


TBH - I spent more time looking for the right juicer than I do juicing. I might be too lazy to experiment with great flavor combos to enjoy the full juice life. I have found a few recipes that I like.

I have given up on regular juicing but I do like the juicer that I chose. I do use it sometimes but, not nearly as often as I should. I use my Nutri bullet and just make a smoothie instead. 

I drank castor oil and fasted for a day and noticed that I felt better. A few days later, I had flu-like symptoms. Of course, I Googled my symptoms. I realized that I needed to detox. I reflected back onto some of the icky things I have eaten and places that i had been.

Holy crap - I knew it was time to purge that shit. 

I told my body that I was sorry for all of the years I had spent mistreating it and I plunged into learning everything I could about healing myself.

unfuck u coffee mug

apology mug sold on

 I pulled out the big guns. I headed back to Amazon

Check out this page from Jen from 

Intestinal Edge and Iaso Teas

I received the Iaso tea as a free sample, then I purchased more from Amazon 

In the midst of searching for info regarding cleansing, I received a sample of Iaso tea in the mail. It was wonderful synchronicity since I do not remember ordering a sample of the tea, Thank heavens it came. This stuff has really helped me increase the potency of my cleanse and has made the process much more pleasant. 

Iaso tea packets

Instagram post by @hempressjen (author)



The tea I got on Amazon tastes stronger than the sample.

The sample was plain Iaso tea instant. The small pack I bought on Amazon was the weight loss formula, which I did not notice when ordering. They both worked well. I really do look better. I can see a huge difference in how my clothes fit.

You can also buy the teas directly from the site or from one of their many independent representatives.

You can read about my experience using the tea here   I drank Iaso Tea Hot, It was Gross. I feel Great

This is the tea I recommend, but only because it is the one I tried and it has worked so far. I do not have a rep so, if you read this and you are a seller, send me your deets. 

Drink Iaso tea twice per day and take Intestinal edge 


The tea really gets things moving

You will drink the tea 30 minutes before eating. It will help you to have much healthier bowel movements.

The tea will prepare your body for the parasite removal and aid in removing the toxins caused by their die off. 


Excerpt: from

Iaso Tea Weight Loss And Other Benefits

Who should use Iaso Tea for Weight Loss

Anybody who wants to detox and get rid of bodily toxins while benefiting from digestive health benefits should make Iaso Tea a part of their daily regime.

The same goes for anyone who wants increased weight loss.

It is important to remember that it can be used either as a standalone component or as a supplement to your regular nutrition and fitness program.

It has been known to help in cases of constipation, indigestion, issues with the kidney, lungs and liver as well as gastro-intestinal problems. - read more on

I had to hit 'em with something a bit stronger.

Just for good measure, I purchased a parasite removing herb concoction called Intestinal Edge.

intestinal edge

Intestinal Edge is a wicked combo

I chose this product based on reviews and YouTube videos.

 It contains wormwood, black walnut and a whole bunch of other great stuff, you can learn more at


  • Black Walnut Hull
  • Orange Peel
  • Lavender Flower
  • European Pennyroyal Herb
  • Clove Bud
  • Gentian Root
  • Wormwood Leaf/Stem
  • Tansy Herb

There are many varieties of cleansing herbs available to aid in parasite removal. Most of them taste pretty wretched. from what I have read and heard. This one is actually not horrible.

What Happened to Me

I am very glad that I used this product. I definitely needed it. I won't go into gross details but, looking back, I was a pretty disgusting human being

 I was indeed full of it, as they say. It was not a pleasant experience but, oh my goodness, was it worth it to get all of that out of me. It works very quickly. Within a few hours of the first dose, most people feel results. Some people are a bit slower and require a few more doses. I was quick to respond due to the other preparation methods I had done. 

I couldn't believe how much inflammation left my body after just a couple of days using the tea and the drops in conjunction.

I also performed coffee enemas. I only did the enema 2 times, once early on and once a few weeks later. The first enema was highly unpleasant and I vomited, The second time, I felt invigorated and clean. Both times, icky stuff came out of me. I used a bottle and a half over the course of the month,

I continue to use the Intestinal Edge as maintenance because it works

You may want to try one of the other methods that is known to help people who are struggling to remove toxins and kill off parasites. 

I avoided the popular gum spirits or Turpentine method because I really don't like Sugar Cubes. I don't like swallowing pills or I might've tried the method described in the video below

W.hat I recommend you do in addition 

Drink Lots of liquids - water, juice, bone broth, detox tea prior to, during and after the cleanse

Add probiotics ( I took PB-8) and fiber to your diet prior to cleansing

If you know that you are infected or filled with toxins

If you are very ill, try a one-day liquid-only diet to flush your system before beginning to take the drops

Soak in Epsom Salt and Bentonite Clay baths during your cleanse to help remove toxins through the pores

Eat chia seeds to help eliminate toxins through the intestinal walls and to keep you hydrated 

Take activated Charcoal to pull toxic sludge from your cells. 

Expect the die off.

Rest, bathe, meditate and hydrate to combat the symptoms. Add a charcoal tablet to your water to pull out toxins from dying parasites and other gross things 

Do a 3 week on 1 week off cleanse for 3 months and then do a 6-month refresher cleanse to be certain that you are no longer a host body to any creepers. Try to begin your cleanse right before the full moon

Mix it up and go slow- Try different methods but, start slow. Everybody is different so, adjust your routine to your body and your lifestyle

Take Good Care of Yourself 

Go  for Vegetarian, vegan or raw vegan food options as often as possible but rinse produce in a solution of water and white vinegar before consuming

Meditate, it just helps you feel better and more connected to your body. If you own what enters it, you can determine what will come out. 

Use essential oils as wanted to aid in recovery and relaxation.

 Follow instructions on all packaging to avoid unesscary complications

I can't promise that you will be miraculously healed of all of your ailments but, if you can feel just a little better, it would definitely be worth it to try detoxing

I hope this helps someone who is suffering to find peace after the parasites are removed and homeostasis is restored.

See my recommended  products list on Amazon



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