February 2019 Dabber Box logo Contest on Instagram

Logo Ideas for the Dabber Box Insta Contest - See Instagram.com for contest info 

dabber box instagram post

image property of Dabber Box - screenshot via Instagram

I am teaching myself to make logos. I saw a contest on Instagram so I decided to test my newfound skills. 

dabber box logo shirt

I like this one because it really plays up the box shape and it is very simpledabber box logo mockups

The reason I am entering is that I have never tried dabbing and I have some CBD isolate that I really want to test. 

cbd dabs

Also, Dabber Box makes some really cool 3D printed dabbing accessories and carries some great glassware

Every Dabber Box 3D printed Enail is equipped with the highest quality products. and comes with a really cool sticker pack 


Here are a few logo ideas they may choose to use pieces of. I would love to create a logo just for them. dabber box 3d printed dabbing supplies logo dabber box

Dabber Box


 We will see what happens, who knows, I could be hittin' some dabs before you know it.


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