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 Happy 2019 from It is currently New Year's Eve 2018. Most of you have probably made a resolution to earn more money in the coming year. Many people are looking for a way to earn multiple streams of passive income. The money is out there and available to you, you just lack the tools to find it. My resolution is to give you those tools

We've got what you need

I love those Ferrari driving gurus on YouTube but I don't love their sales tactics and email marketing campaigns. Lucky for you, I am insanely curious and I have tested out a ton of marketing ploys. I can say that they all work but, they only work for a limited time and with a ton of promo.

You have to be able to find the trends like a surfer catching a wave and ride it until it crests and then catch the next one. If you aren't diligent and vigilant you might miss a wave. T-shirts have been trending since the early 1970s and do not seem to be losing momentum. 

One of the quickest and easiest ways to earn money online in 2019 is a Print On Demand  (POD) Tshirt shop powered by Shopify. 


You can make your first sales with 1-10 good (not even great) designs. It is very possible to open a store today and make your first sales by tomorrow.  

You've probably seen those ads running on Facebook or Instagram for T-shirts that are related to something you have liked or your name. If you are a fan of cat pages, you might see shirts that say "Meowy Hissmas" Those ads were targeted to you because you fit the demographic. Demographic is just a fancy way of saying categories. For example, a shirt that says "I'm a fiery Aries" would be targeted to people who were born in March or April. If you were to design a shirt that says "Dudes born in December are Cooler" you would market it to men born in December 

The next ad you see when you're scrolling could be yours. Facebook and Instagram ads are still relatively cheap to run and the potential ROI (Return on Investment) is usually pretty high (if done correctly). 

Imagine if you had started last year and made just a few shirts that featured Unicorns or Donuts, you could have made a boatload of cash by now. Don't miss the next wave of cash flow. Start a free Shopify store today.   The ugly design below took one minute to create and has sold 23 copies 




Before you open your new store, you will need to think for a moment about your audience. Who would you want to have as a customer? What is your Niche? If you are a Soccer Mom, you could make shirts with soccer-related slogans and use a boosted facebook post to market to Women, aged 19-34 who have children who play Soccer. You would be in the soccer niche.

Your audience, the people who are also passionate about your niche, is called your niche market. If you are passionate about meditation, religion or gun rights or just about anything else you can think of, there is a market and a demographic for it. Create a niche and find your tribe. You can create a shirt for almost any occasion or interest.


Right click and save the "Diamond Mom"  shirt mockup above and the graphic below ( as a png file) and use it to make your first T-shirt now.

 free download


Once you have opened your store, you will want to find a T-shirt supplier. Shopify makes it very easy to source products. I use and recommend an app called Printful as my production partner but, there are several other great options available in the Shopify app store. I just upload my file to Printful, choose a shirt blank that I would like to print on and upload the details to Shopify. 

Printful is one of the highest rated Print On Demand T-shirt fulfillment providers. They also offer tutorials and tips to help you get started, Printful's app has a text tool that allows you to create a slogan T-shirt directly in the platform and have it live on your Shopify store in under 2 minutes.

If you are not creative or just don't have time to create your own designs, you can find cheap designers to get you started on Fiverr.

If you do not have any creative skills whatsoever, Try the Oberlo App on Shopify to source pre-made T-shirts that fit your Niche. 

That's it, you now have the tools to take the first step toward achieving your goal of making more money. Stay tuned for more steps to take if you want to grow your business and scale up. 

Get started now, what have you got to lose? 


 Get the ultimate guide to starting a T-shirt business on Shopify 

Want more motivation?

Watch the Shopify course by E-com expert Chris Record - former CEO of Tecademics and master of #EDUTAINMENT and founder of #Lifepreneur to learn how to branch out and sell more stuff.





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