Slap Bracelets are now available again. Disguised as Sunglasses

Slap Bracelet Sunglasses

We have gotten some feedback from a few of our customers who seem to like our wacky style. Thanks for that. We also got some requests for products that you would like to see. Who doesn't love a good quest?

We went out in search of the best vendors and versions of the things that you've asked for. 

You were feeling a 'lil bit nostalgic for the nineties and that got us all up in our feels about our favorite accessories from days gone by.  

"I remember babysitting for months to earn enough extra money to buy a purse with a clock in it. I loved that fucking purse. Oh, and slap bracelets, I loved those" Sharon - a mom who was born in the early 1980s 

Editors Note: I do not know if Sharon has ever considered it but, her daughter is named Stacy. So, maybe she is Stacy's Mom? We might have just solved a mystery, Scoob. Oh well, Sharon's definitely got it going on. I had a black clock purse myself, lol

Do you remember the awesome slap bracelets that were incredibly popular back then? This kid gets it.


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Snap Bracelets are back but, there is a unique twist.  They are multipurpose now. The Slap watch was a natural progression but, Sunglasses. 

retro looks are hot at

Have you ever wished you could just crumble your sunglasses up and toss them to the side and unfold them into a brand new looking pair later?  Well, now you can. 

We are featuring several styles of these slap glasses that are all the rage with people of any age

snap bracelet sunglasses


See the concept in action here

Video courtesy of OpenShop724 on YouTube


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