What You See In This Image Could Change Your Life

Symbology in Accidental Art 

When you first look at this picture, it just looks like abstract art but, when you focus, you can begin to see some interesting imagery. 

This image was created from a tie-dyed pattern which we ran several filters over and then mirrored the image. This is the result of that experiment. None of these images were intentional. This is just a pattern gone wrong that somehow went right


What do these symbols mean for you esoterically? Since ancient times, symbology has been used to clarify one's life path. What you see in clouds, inkblots, and artwork, actually says a lot about your personality and your life path. 


If You See

Mushroom- You are wise yet, you seek guidance. Look within before you seek outside validation. Seek the true meaning of your desires. Why do you want what you want? You are seeking magic but you forget that you are magical.

Lion - You seek power although you are a born leader. People look up to you but they need to see you doing something. Don't forget your true pack when you take over the world and remember that you are not alone unless you choose to be. 

Butterfly - You are a true free spirit. You understand that change is necessary for growth. If we become comfortable crawling as infants, we never learn to walk as Toddlers.

Heart, You value love and devotion above all other human emotion. Remember you will get out of life what you put into it, Be careful to always look at everything with a pure heart.

flowers You appreciate the beauty in nature. That beauty is also what grows in you. Take some time to reflect on your past and look at how much you have grown from all of your experiences. 

hands  You seek togetherness and approval. Remember to give as much or more than you take

vase - You long for fulfillment Take some time away from technology to see what is all around you. Take a walk and enjoy the scenery. 

An angel- You are an introverted person who sometimes feels small but if allowed to spread their wings your wings, you could soar to new heights.

the devil You are afraid of who you truly are. You are the only one who has to live with your choices but your choices can affect everyone around you. Always choose your actions wisely and be confident in the decision. 

A dog You are a loving and loyal person but you fear that you will not receive the same in return learn to trust more and be open to the possibility of good things coming into your life

If you saw something else entirely, be sure to drop us a comment and let us know what you see

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