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DigiByte could be the next big thing. Well, according to me and a  few youtube psychics.

Have you heard of DigiByte? Digibyte seems to be a coin with great promise and an eye on the future. They have built their platform for steady growth and longevity. DigiByte uses five cryptographic mining algorithms to prevent mining centralization and therefore provides more security than single algorithm blockchains.DigiByte has also implemented a proprietary code that doubles block size every other year. This is done to ensure that the blockchain grows with the network and that it can securely and efficiently handle the user load well into the year 2035. The team is consistently working on ideas to further increase transaction speed and network capacity.




Learn more about Digibyte at

If you don’t trust our predictions enough to actually buy them, you can collect a few DGB from faucets, just to test the waters.

Collect DGB every 60 min.

claim amounts possible with odds in parentheses
0.01 DGB (30%)0.015 DGB (65%)
0.025 DGB (3%)0.05 DGB (1.9%)
0.1 DGB (0.099%)50 DGB (0.001%)
A withdraw option is available once your balance reaches 5 DGB
Source: Free DGB from the Digibyte Faucet!
claim coins
Start small and grow with time. Click on the clock to collect DGB once per hour


Are you a developer? Visit the DigiByte playground to showcase your skills and develop an app for Digibyte



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