Which clothing item do you think people buy the most of at back to school time?

T-shirts. Think about it. I live in the U.S. Half of the kids in America are wearing dumb t-shirts right now. The other half might be if they weren’t wearing uniforms.

so cute its a sin

Wanna earn some cash back for all of those back to school shirt expenses? Do you have something to say? Have you ever heard something funny and thought, “That should be on a T-shirt.” Are you a budding artist looking for a Canvas? How about a nice throw pillow with your own face on it? Whether you want a one-time custom printed artwork for your 4-year-old or would like to start your own branded clothing line, now is the time to check up on TeePublic. http://tee.pub/lic/_NrCH19J__8 <—this company provided short link gives me credit for your click while your experience remains the same, this is done using a cookie. I only get paid if you purchase my design or open a profitable store using my link.

TeePublic is a Print On Demand Superstar. They print custom merchandise. This is nothing new. I’m sure you have seen other T-shirt sites that accept user submissions. You may have even tried to use one of these sites in the past. Well, It has just gotten way easier. TP offers a free customizable, google analytics-optimized, storefront to host and showcase your designs. They handle all of the printing, packing, shipping, and financials. All you do is upload an original design or one that you have the rights to use for commerce, choose a product to put it on, send some traffic to your page and collect your checks. The checks aren’t half bad either considering you literally make a design once and earn from it for as long as it sells. TeePublic has upgraded their website, their products, and their standards. They now offer softer T-shirts in every size from baby onesies to adult plus sizes. Regular Tee Shirts are always $20 or less.

It is extremely easy to upload a design from your PC and requires very little formatting. If you have any ideas for a t-shirt, throw pillow, a coffee mug. cell phone case or sticker here is your shot to see it in print and sell it to your friends and maybe even your favorite Youtuber. You never know who will pop up wearing your design.

There are several untapped markets out there If you really want to see a vlogger rocking your gear, you could make #Selfie shirts with backward writing for social media stars, just to name one simple idea.

Why am I telling you? Firstly, I love Free Shirts – DUH! Also, I make a decent side income from doing this and I feel guilty for not telling you because it is just that easy. Moreover, I love a lot of their stuff and all of the profits go to someone like you or me. I will also get paid if you open a store that makes a profit for the company using this link today JOIN HERE NOW.

Start selling your doodles. People will buy them. It is crazy what people will buy. Want some examples? There is definitely room for every talent level. These links are for actual top sellers.





toot-duck pillow

Really. This is the crap people are buying. Make better crap! Someone, please. Some of these are pretty bad. There are some great designs on the site but, I want you to see the diversity of what is actually selling’

If you make it, some fool will wear it. Almost everyone I know wears clothes and there is a sucker born every minute. (That was a pun. Babies suck because they have pacifiers)

Having a baby? Why not put your new little creation in a onesie with a hot design like these?




It takes less than 15 minutes to create a store, write a simple slogan, make a shirt out of it then post a pic with a link to Facebook and all of your other socials, especially groups that are into whatever your slogan represents. Buy your own shirt and wear it. People will ask where you got your shirt and you can send them to your store link to buy one. Just upload a new design every day and soon you are sure to see some profits. If you really want to take off, pay facebook 5 bucks to boost your post and boom- you have a brand new clothing and accessory line. You still own the rights to your artwork when you list on TeePublic so, you are free to sell it on competitors sites too as long as the other site does not require you to sign over the rights to your art.

don’t-tread-on-my-straws < —- I made this one for free using pixabay.com to find royalty free images (legal for resale and modification with no attribution)

Open your store now 



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