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My bitcoin horror story

Call me bitty boop. I am a 42-year-old female who could have been rich but, I’m not. Here’s the story.

In late 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto (maybe not a real name) posted a white paper describing the bitcoin idea. I seem to remember hearing about bitcoin several years prior to 2008 but, I must have a false memory of the timeline. The URL wasn’t registered until 2008. I may be confusing it with BitGold.

I do remember that I was moving from Houston Texas to Florida in Oct 2008. I thought I had originally gotten the info on my Palm Treo or something. I did have several devices at the time. But, if I got the info on my Palm Pilot thingy then it would have been more like 06 or 07.

Side Note about that Palm Device – it was awesome and it debuted in 2005 to which I did not obtain one until at least 2006.  It had wifi. I may be misremembering the timelines because I was using an older machine while traveling?

Nonetheless, I had heard of it and read the white paper – it’s a long drive between Florida and Texas and it was interesting to read. I liked the idea and it sounded solid but, I did not act on it at the “ICO”. I was a young mother at the time and I did not take many risks at that point in my life.

In 2009 during the holiday season, I was given a bitcoin or more, I really don’t remember, by a friend from Miami in exchange for editing a paper.  I had no idea what to do with bitcoin or how to do it or if it was even worth anything. I just thought it was a cool idea because it sounded Asian and I am a Nerdy Techy Gadgety Geek Girl. The Invisible money sounded cool as shit to me.

I downloaded a cold wallet onto my hard drive and starting mining in the background so my bits of coinage wouldn’t get lonely while I surfed the link exchanges. I thought of the blockchain as a little side game that I would play while I was advertising my little business.

I was running an e-commerce site that got terrible sales. I was also working as a mystery shopper and merchandiser at the time. I was online a lot.

After about a week or maybe a month or two of mining the bitcoin, I lost interest. I still thought it was a great idea and that maybe it may be useful one day to pay for things online but, I had been using Paypal since they were I felt safer with them. I didn’t travel down the silk road and nobody on my street had even heard of the blockchain.

In 2010, my husband and I split up and I moved back to Texas. I left the old HP tower behind and hooked up with a shiny new Dell tower and a Sony laptop. I moved my files from the old tower onto an external hard drive.

I tossed that old hard drive into the closet of my new apartment just in case I wanted to see any of those old baby pictures of my kids or maybe listen to MC Hammer or Conway Twitty songs that I had gotten from Limewire, I am pretty sure that Is the last time I saw that wallet,

I lived in a small town in Texas by this time. When would I ever be able to use bitcoin anyway? Ebay didn’t even take it.

In 2011 I heard mention of bitcoin and was sort of surprised that it was still around.

I got online, did a yahoo search and collected from a now-defunct faucet a few times. The antiquated faucet was much different than the modern ones that are filled with ads – these had annoying banners too but it looked more like a message board with popups. My faucet drips were miniscule and not very exciting back then.

I looked at my wallet that last time and I had a nice chunk of bitcoin. I looked around to see who accepted them – Nobody. Especially not in my neck of the woods

I lost interest in bitcoin again the same way I had with e-gold several years earlier (shortly before their Florida offices were raided and such). I also thought that either bitcoin or the world might end around 2012 (jk)

Around 2013 I heard of a man who had thrown his bitcoin in the rubbish pile. I lamented when I realized that my little hobby mining back in the day was actually about to be worth something tangible.

Between 2010 and 2014 I moved and upgraded my computer a lot. During this time I sent the old computer with the new wallet on it to my ex-husband for repair. I was going to transfer the data off if it and wipe it clean for my kids to use. He offered to do it for me because he wanted to try out a new program that ghosted your info over in a new way. He never got around to it.

A few years ago, around 2015, I heard that bitcoin was climbing again and we joked to each other that if he found the old wallet.dat file on one of those old machines that we would split the bitcoin.

Neither of us thought to buy bitcoin then. We are both really dumb smart people.

Now, look what has happened. Bitcoin has skyrocketed to the bubbling point and will level out at thousands of dollars more than their early worth. Hurricanes have since wiped out all of my old machines.

I have a new wallet now. It has as many satoshis as I used to have bitcoin. It’s worth what my original wallet was in 2009. About 8 USD.

What happens to missing Bitcoin

I missed that wave early on. I lost my fortune in a series of setbacks, poor decisions, and natural disasters.

A few months ago, I read a story that mirrored my own quite a bit. That is when I began creating this site,

Apparently, stories like mine are rather prevalent with bitcoin pioneers

Read More here  – millions in BTC thrown away


What happens when bitcoins are lost?




Now I am just enjoying watching everyone else ride it out. I like doing research and reporting my findings. Hopefully, with this blog, I can help other people get interested in cryptocurrency and perhaps even see someone ride a new wave to financial freedom. New coins are being introduced daily.






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