Copyright Concerns

Don't Sue us. We won't Sue You. Are we cool? 

We hold no copyrights to any of our designs. In fact, we could not care less if you try to reproduce our images. You can take our designs but you can't take our creativity. Have Fun. 

We have used many clipart style images to create our HemPress Originals "clipartwork". All mages used in our "art" are considered fair use under a creative commons license. We have used these images liberally in our designs by transforming the images into derivative works.

If you believe that we have used a trademarked phrase or copyrighted image, please politely email our art office at "  Attention: infringement " with proof that we have infringed upon you and we will promptly remove the offending product from all sales channels. 

We offer products from other websites that are submitted by the public. If an item submitted by another user has a copyright issue, we will remove it from all of our web properties but, we can not control the actions of other parties who may also be selling the same artwork. 

We use several additional suppliers who claim to have rights to the artwork depicted on the items. We fully apologize if you were not properly credited, 

If you would like to submit artwork for print or have any questions - please contact