Frequently Asked

Questions University

aka FAQ U

Yes, these are actual questions that we have received. 

How much is Shipping? 5 bucks all the time, no matter what, unless we are running a free shipping promo. So 5 bucks or free. 

Why is shipping $5? Because we are lazy and that was the average we came up with

Where do you ship? Almost everywhere, we started as a USA only store but, we quickly realized that we were limiting our reach.

More countries are being added. We are almost Worldwide

How Long will it take? We are seeing average shipping times of 12- 24 days but in rare cases up to 45 days from the order date.

Why does it take so long? Because every item we carry is made to order. Some items are handmade. Your product does not exist in the real world until you order it and the makers make it.

Where are you located? On the Internet. No, really, we are what is known as a digital nomad. Our main product is art. We create our designs digitally and then send them to the manufacturer when you place an order. 

What if I did not receive my order? We will do our best to track the order for you. If we find that your package was lost, we will promptly replace your item. 

What is with the Refunds thing? Basically, if it is our fault or our supplier's fault, we will 100% handle it and make sure that you always get what you pay for. If it is your fault that you ordered wrong, we may have to tell you to suck it up.

We will never take back a pair of britches that have been on your booty.

What if I got the wrong item or an item is missing? Use our contact form to let us know and we will correct the mistake. Please refer to our refund policy for more info

How do I pay for my order? Paypal is our preferred method but we also accept credit or crypto (BTC, BCH, LTC) 

I have seen that shirt, hoodie, slogan somewhere before. That is possible. We have teamed up with RageOn to offer our products on their site and a small selection of theirs on ours. If you have ever been on Instagram, you are sure to have seen a few of these top designs floating around.

Well, some of them are ours, now ya know. 

We also have a contract with several Etsy suppliers to offer their items here too. 

Do you offer custom designs? Sometimes, contact us and we will let you know if we can handle your request.

Do you know that your art sucks?   Yes, sometimes

 I mean no, like really, you can't draw by hand or digital and your colors are off, you didn't shade properly, like do you even vector? etc -We do this for the fun of it. We hope you can find joy too. Blessed be 

Isn't that a stock photo?  Some of the art featured on our site contains the liberal use of stock images.

Please refer to our Copyright policy for more info regarding our creative use of free artwork.

Wait a minute, couldn't I just make up my own stuff and have it printed on clothes? Why should I buy yours? um, you could and you should.

We make stuff that we like. We offer it to you as a time saver, take it or leave it and we love you either way.

Wow, you guys are really cool, did you know that?  aw shucks, right back at ya

Have you been designing clothes for long? nope,  first day. True Story, the owner of the company was a freelance ghostwriter up until yesterday. (Aug 2018)

Truly, this is a new venture and we are having a blast

Why are there religious quotes and satanic symbols in the same store?  We love everyone and we create things for everyone.

None of the symbols are meant to offend anyone else.

Some of our products contain rude statements or crude humor while some have bible verses. We are just crazy like that.

Variety is spice and we don't have time to be bland.

What if I am offended by one or several of your products, who can I call?  I would love to say Ghostbusters but, I don't believe they can help so...

Is this a Joke?  Yes and no, we just want you to have fun with life and look hot doing it. 

Are you gay, black, white, racist, homophobic; because you had a shirt that said...? N/A, we make stuff for people. People are people. The creator matters not if the creation is thriving. 

Why are your prices higher / lower than everyone else?  I don't know. We carry top quality clothing and accessories at comparable prices.

We do not use cheap suppliers and some of our items are handmade.

Some of our regular t-shirts are priced lower because we like t-shirts and we buy our own stuff.

We have tried cheaper suppliers and it is not worth it to pay less for subpar materials. 


More to come - hempressjen and team