Skull Daze Band

skull daze italian rock band

If you clicked on a link to find the

Skull Daze band,

you are not totally fucked.

You are just at the wrong place at the right time. 


Meet Skull Daze

Italy's MoSt LeGenDary RoCk BaNd

This page was compiled by @HemPressJen as a tribute to the band for being so badassy

The Skull Daze band does not endorse this store or any of the products presented here on or in my little skull trinket shop

The band was gracious enough to allow me to purchase the domain name because they are just that fucking cool. 

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Throwback - Skull Daze Debut Album Trailer from 2010 courtesy of YouTube


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This song is a tribute to Dave Lepard, the former lead singer and guitarist for the Swedish Glam Rock Metal band known as Crashdïet. Dave ended his riff in 2006. RIP




Band Page on Heavy Harmonies 

Johnny Rainbow vocals
Joey London bass
Acey Starlight guitar 

The President drums
Danny Slade guitars

Band Mates On Instagram 

Acey Guns


Bass guitar player for @gamezeroband and @midnightsinband

Johnny Rainbow


⭐Sex Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll ⭐Singer & Songwriter for Skull Daze ⭐