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Spending too much time on the toilet everyday?


With two packets a day, my body can be lighter!

Another refreshing day with good bowel movement!


Product: Qwebyunhessuh

Type: Health Supplement (Laxative Dietary Fiber)

Serving: 6g X 30packets(180g)


Ingredient and content

Laxative Powder(India), Prune juice powder{Prune extract (USA), Dextrin},  Aloe extract powder(Republic of South Africa), Aloe vera powder, Enzyme-treated stevia, Green tea extract powder, Protease(Dextrin, Protease), a- Amylase, 12 Species mixed Lactobacillus powder [soybean, milk contained]


Recommended Daily Intake: 2 packets a day / 1 packet at a time with enough water

Inner Packaging Material: Polyethylene(PE)

Products handling precaution

Avoid direct sunlight, heat or fire and store at a dry ventilated cool place. Also, please keep away from children.


Notes on Intake:

-If you have a health problem, stop the intake.
-If you have allergy, please check the ingredient first.
-Please consume with enough water.
-Please be careful the edge of packaging when opening the product.

Nutrition Function Facts

Laxative Dietary Fiber:

Improves Cholesterol rate and bowel movement.

Serving Size: 2 Packets (12g)

Amount per daily serving       %Daily Value


Calories                       45kcal

Carbohydrate             11g           3%

Protein                         0g             0%

Fat                                0g             0%

Sodium                      10mg          1%


Dietary Fiber                7.7g          31%



※ This product is subject to exchange or refund  based on Fair Trade Commission Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards.

※ Side effect presumption may be reported to 1577-2488.

※ This product is not a medicine for treating disease.

※ This product is manufactured at the same place that handles egg, buckwheat, flour, crab, shrimp, pork, peach, tomato, chestnut, chicken, beef, and shellfish(oyster, abalone, mussel).