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Why you want to be debt free

When my husband and I separated and I became ill, I found myself temporarily homeless. I jumped from place to place until I could get into an apartment with my young children.

I became depressed and began a detrimental habit of sequestering myself inside of my apartment, I was embarrassed by what I had not become.

I found the Secret and other great books and documentaries that helped me gain my confidence again. I began a career as a ghostwriter from home. I didn’t earn much but, it was enough to pay off my small credit card debt and pay my car insurance each month.

I am a frugal person but, I have managed to not incur any new debt since leaving my husband. Being debt free gives me a feeling of freedom.

When you take a closer look at debt, you start to see it for what it is—something that holds you back. Once you see that, it’s easier to be patient, make sacrifices, and feel confident in your ability to pay it off. –Dave Ramsey – 7 characteristics of debt free living

It really is not the amount of money that you make that is important. What matters is the amount that you get to keep. Being able to choose to spend money as opposed to being obligated to spend is very rewarding,

The only thing that helped me to get out of my rut and get on with my life was knowledge.

Once you know better, you can’t continue to fail and/or blame anyone else.

So, if I can steer you in the direction of people who are imparting wisdom on to the masses, I will. Even if you do not end up using their systems and programs, at least you can pick up tidbits of really helpful information along the way.

If you want to live debt free, you will need a better relationship with money. You will also need to understand how money works.

Once you are debt free, you can increase your crypto investments without guilt or worry.

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